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The steps to produce your Life Story

The process of writing a Life Story is a straight-forward one for you - we do all the hard work and you can just sit back and tell us your story.

  • Contact us to discuss telling your life story, or that of another person you choose, and we will go through the simple process where we do all the hard work and you just sit back and recount your memories and stories to one of our expert professional writers.
  • Before our ghost-writer meets you or your subject, we will send you a list of questions to look through, simply designed to get you thinking about those special stories and memories you would like us to include.
  • Our ghost-writer will then visit you in your own home (or elsewhere if you prefer) and you can simply relax and tell us your stories and recount your memories. We think this will take a couple of 2.5 hour sessions, which we will record.
  • We will also ask you if there are some special pictures which you would like us to include within your book and you can show them to us and we will make digital copies.
  • Once we have your memories recorded and transcribed into text, we will write them into a draft Life Story and do any additional research which is needed.
  • One of our professional editors will then work on the text to craft a compelling story which can be told in your own voice, as in an autobiography, or in reported speech as a biography.
  • We will send your draft life story for you to check over and amend as you wish.
  • Once the story is approved, we will design your book, including the pictures for the cover and inside pages and agree on a title.
  • We will produce and print 20 colour paperback, included in the basic price.
  • Don’t worry if your story ends up being longer or we need an extra interview or you want more printed copies, we can do all these for you, for an appropriate extra cost.
  • Optional extras include an additional interview, longer stories, more printed copies, extra pictures, including your family tree, and arranging to take a special picture of you for your front cover.
  • We will ask you to pay us half of the estimated price at the start of the process and the balance just before you receive your printed copies.
    To discuss your life story project further, please contact our editor Keith Morris at or ring 07712 787762.