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What do I do next?

ButterflyDVIf you have a dream or vision which you would like to see fulfilled, there are some things which we suggest  you do next, to help make it into reality:

Share your vision with others

See whether there’s anyone else thinking along the same lines

Have a look at our funding guidelines and application form on this website.

Come and have a chat with Core Team members.

The application is in two parts. First a brief form to fill in and secondly, two Core Team members would like to talk through your ideas with you.

We know that the way a project starts heavily influences its success, therefore we will supportively challenge your ideas and the basis for the project so that we ensure we best use the resources entrusted to us.

However, once your application is approved, we will release you to go get on with making your dream and vision a reality with our support but not interference.