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Regular contributor James Knight reminds us why prayer is such an important component in our daily lives.
James Knight has been taking a further look at the results of the 2021 UK ten-year census which were published last week, and wonders if the media are drawing the correct conclusions.
James Knight has been pondering why the Creator of all things included the devil and all the consequent disruption in His perfect creation.
Regular columnist James Knight takes a look at the age-old question of whether our salvation is permanent once we are saved.
James Knight shares his thoughts about women in church leadership, but suggests that God may have a pragmatic view.
Regular contributor James Knight follows up his previous article about evolution with a further biblical examples to support his argument.
Regular contributor James Knight presents his argument for the evolution of the human race, and believes that this process is evidence of God’s creative genius.
Regular columnist James Knight explains why water is so important in our lives, especially the spiritual variety.
Regular columnist James Knight believes that understanding the reasons why many people choose not to believe will assist Christians in reaching out to them.
Regular columnist James Knight explains the paradox that atheists cannot really understand the very thing they don’t believe in.
Regular columnist James Knight explores why we sometimes hesitate to declare our faith, even when we are confident in our own belief.
Regular columnist James Knight explains why everyone stands to benefit by following Christ’s teachings.
Regular contributor James Knight presents us with seven fundamental truths that he has discovered in the bible.
James Knight offers an explanation as to why the apostle Paul is often so self-deprecating when describing his own sinfulness.
As James Knight recalls his own journey to faith, he urges us to adopt a positive approach when sharing your beliefs with others.
Regular contributor James Knight feels that people should be treated and valued as unique individuals, rather than allowing their membership of any ethnic (or any other) group to take precedence.
Regular contributor James Knight has been reflecting on the vastness of creation, and shares his thoughts with us.
James Knight demonstrates why it is logical and reasonable to believe that God exists.
James Knight explains that we cannot really know what it is like to be a Christian until we experience God for ourselves.
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