Norwich FGB would be happy to have you visit

“The Happiest People on Earth” is one description of a worldwide fellowship of believers started around 70 years ago, and with local groups in around 150 nations. We have been enjoying times together in Norwich for over 40 years. But you may ask, “What do you do?” Norwich president Barrie Lawrence provides the answer.

Let’s start with who we are – formerly known as the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International, we have been called the FGB for around 20 years. We are Christians who are keen to share our faith, in a variety of ways. Traditionally, we meet at breakfasts and dinners where a main speaker shares their life story. We never preach! We just want to hear how they became a Christian, and of the difference it has made. As we believe very much that the Lord Jesus has not changed, and is still doing the things He did in Gospel times, we hear about people being healed, having miraculous provision, etc. And we pray for people at our meetings expecting, and seeing, miracles.
Our members are from every line of business – plumbers, clerks, farm workers, builders, teachers, journalists, doctors, drivers... even the odd dentist! Ladies can join our ‘Women of FGB’ and work alongside us and are welcome at our meetings. Those from all denominations and none are included. We leave our denominational badge at home, and come together as family. We are not a church, but a group of like-minded believers.
We meet in a variety of ways, some of them to share our personal story, and some to encourage one another, and frankly, to have a lot of fun. Not everyone wants to go out on the streets giving out our Voice magazine, but some do. Not everyone wants to attend a Gospel Song evening in a pub, with pub grub, but some do. We have had an Indian Evening in an Indian restaurant with a converted Sikh speaking, an Elvis evening when we took over a nightclub, and a ‘Taste of Israel’ evening, with Israeli food and music and a Messianic Jewish speaker. In fact, we want different ideas, (please give us suggestions), so that everyone feels comfortable in doing what they feel gifted and able to do.
We love to welcome visitors, and especially if they then decide to join and help us with the work. Interested? Phone me, Barrie Lawrence, on 07786 381344 or email at fgbnorwich@gmail.com
Find out more on our website.

Pictured above is a Norwich FGB dinner event, before lockdown.