Grace Communion International 

Who are you, Lord?” was Paul’s question on the Damascus Road, where he was confronted by the resurrected Jesus (Acts 9:5).  He spent the rest of his life answering this question and then sharing the answer with all who would listen.

Grace Communion International would like to share this answer with you.  Not being geographically community-based as a church, we do this by offering you online theological resources that fit a wide profile of background, understanding and interest.
The Bible is one of the resources which points us to Jesus Christ, especially the new testament gospels.  Whether you are well-versed in the Bible, or have never considered it, we offer a series of online resources that cater for all levels of enthusiasm in wanting to know Jesus Christ and how we can know Him better through personal relationship.
We also welcome you to interact with Christians from our denomination, via email, Facebook, or in person.
The following links are places to begin these exchanges, connect and come to know Christ through relationship with Him:
GCISepUKLogo286SEP UK - Christian Activity Camp
Are you a teenager?  Why don’t you join us at our ‘Summer Educational Programme.’  Those who’ve experienced SEP have made memories and friends for life.  This is a Christian two-week adventure camp offering a range of fun and challenging activities for young people aged 12-17, from all denominations, or none.  This year’s camp runs from July 25 until August 5, 2022 at Morfa Bay Adventure Centre in Carmarthen, Wales.
Word of Life
Would you like to read a different scripture daily?  A daily devotional can be emailed to your inbox or online; or subscribe to this via Facebook.  Written by Christians experiencing Christ in their every-day lives.
Equipped for a mission-focused Journey with Jesus.
We Believe
We believe is a resource designed to assist adults, teens and older children explore core beliefs of the Christian faith.  This is a Q&A-based curriculum teaching core beliefs of the Christian faith beginning with the question “Who is the God Christians worship?
follow this link to access the workbook direct
Journey with Jesus - a discipleship pathway
Journey with Jesus on the discipleship pathway is a conduit to learning how Jesus loves and embraces all of us – we all belong.  Believe in Christ and discover what this journey involves and become a disciple of His.
Articles of Interest?
Search our database of articles on a wide array of topics from Jesus, gospel to practical living.  If you are unable to locate the subject you are looking for, just ask us.
Resources for Church Leaders
As a church leader … do you need help in your ministry?  This link gives you access to a range of resources to help with anything from worship patterns and liturgies to age-graded resources for discipling children and families, or ‘faith talk’ for small groups or churches, and articles designed to equip pastoral leaders.

GCIACCMlogo240Diploma in Christian Ministry
Would you like to work towards a recognized ministry qualification?  Perhaps a diploma in Christian ministry?  Ambassador College of Christian Ministry (ACCM) is particularly designed for those without a previous theological or pastoral education, eg lay pastors, pastoral team members, ministry leaders and church members wishing to further their theological education.  We are part of a shared mission participating in the ministry of Christ.

GCISeminary369Grace Communion Seminary
Grace Communion International believes in trinitarian theology, which is rooted in the Bible, principally the New Testament.

For those with previous theological education, we offer graduate-level distance-education accredited courses, at a low financial cost.  These graduate-level courses suit the busy pastor working on the frontline.  The Master of Pastoral Studies prepares a student for the responsibilities of the clergy; whilst the Master of Theological Studies prepares students to interpret historical scriptural texts into an authoritative guide for Christian life and ministry; and the Master of Divinity can help students use theological thinking to interpret contemporary social and ethical issues.
The Surprising God Blog
We believe incarnational Trinitarian theology forms the framework for an accurate understanding of the Bible.  This blog discusses different applications of the trinity around Christ-centred theology.  Why not subscribe to receive regular posts!
'You're Included'
All just under half-an hour, this link takes you to a set of 132 videos which are a series of interviews with trinitarian theologians around the world and carried out by leaders within Grace Communion International, as we researched topics related to different aspects of trinitarian theology.
Within the UK, regional conferences and a national conference are organised for denominational church members covering in-depth theological topics.  These are open to others, free of charge, who would like to attend.  Please email info@gracecom.church for further information.

Grace Communion International is a worldwide church with a presence in numerous countries and communities around the globe.  If you would like to make contact in person, please go to www.gci.org to locate an accessible destination to meet with like-minded Christians.